Wednesday, 12 May 2010

ORGANIC is it really?

I know this is a hot topic and everyone has a different opinion about it “that is good for you”, “that is more nutritious”, “that is natural”, etc, but I have a problem with what is understood of organic food in this country, and the policies around producing and obtaining an “ORGANIC” certificate.

The other day I was doing my regular food shopping, at least the one I do in the supermarket and decided to check out some products certified as “ORGANIC”. Well, I found that the products I checked out had the same amount of enhancers, regulators, flavourings, acid regulators, etc than any other industrially and massive produced product. So my question is:

If we suppose to eat organic because is healthier, natural with no artificial anything or preservatives added to the raw produce (vegetable, fruits, meat, etc) then why add all those artificial things to the product when packing it or bottling it?

Would these not take out the reason for going organic? If I’m suppose to pay a premium price for going “ORGANIC” because is healthy and natural then I want the products to be 100% natural as it suppose to be and with only the pure ingredients in it! Don’t you think?

I’m an importer of Southern Italian foods, specifically from Calabria. The food I import is made with 100% organic produce and/or wild ingredients, with nothing artificial added to them neither when growing or when packed because that’s how we eat in the South of Italy. Vegetables and fruits that have been grown in lands located in mountains at certain altitude where there is no pollution and wild herbs handpicked from these same mountains. Now, I believe these produce are more organic than any of the ingredients found for example in the products I checked out, however, because we do not have an “ORGANIC” certificate we can’t say our products are Organic. For small producers like us obtain this certificate is very expensive, therefore, we have to sell our products like any other cheap, massive produced products although their quality is beyond these.

As the “Organic” laws in this country are so tight, how can they allow for products containing all sorts of non natural ingredients added to them and still be called “ORGANIC”?

And how at the same time ignore and persecute producers that dear to call their products “ORGANIC” without a certificate but that their products are truly 100% organic and natural?

Any thoughts?

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