Saturday, 20 February 2010

Quick and easy PASTA CARBONARA

I was just watching a repeat of one of Jamie's Oliver cooking program and it just makes so "angry" because most of his dishes are Italian or Italian base.   Of course I've got nothing against Italian cooking, I'm Italian so love the cuisine, but what makes me "angry" is that he presents the dishes as his when in reality they are Italian traditional dishes!!! nothing from his creativity in the kitchen.

Although as an Italian I should feel good about the fact he is taking the Italian cuisine into British homes, but not I don't feel good.   Firstly because he doesn't say they are traditional Italian dishes, and secondly because he actually changes the dishes to adapt them I guess to the British taste, in which case they stop being Italian!

So, thinking about the whole thing, I decided to create a recipe section on my website linked with my blog, so all of you out there who are interested in true Italian dishes as we really cook them, then please do check out my website and/or blog to learn this recipes.

So, my first dish will be one of the most famous recipe Pasta Carbonara!  A very easy and quick recipe that can be done after a long day at work or on one of those days that feel like not cooking but yet want to eat something nice and taste without calling your local takeaway....

I hope you guys enjoy!  In the next few days I will be publishing my next recipe.... keep checking my blog out.